Peavey AT-200

Üretici : Peavey
Fiyat : 600 USD (KDV Dahil)
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Tek tuş ile otomatik akort düzgün ve doğru sesler mükemmel entonasyon akıllı vibrato ve bending
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Otomatik akort  
Düzgün ve doğru sesler.
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Grow Your Passion!
The Peavey AT-200 Auto-Tune guitar won't correct all your missed notes, but it will give you the most accurate tuning and intonation you've ever experienced. That's because the AT-200 packs Auto-Tune for Guitar, which lets you tune your guitar just by strumming the strings and pushing a button - access alternate tunings just by holding a chord or barring a fret while you do it. And with Solid-Tune Intonation, every single note and chord you play will be perfectly in tune, no matter how high you play them on the Peavey AT-200 Auto-Tune guitar's neck.

Fast, accurate tuning at the push of a button
Strum your strings, push a button, and your Peavey AT-200 is ready to rock - that's fast. And the really amazing thing is how you access alternate tunings: want to play in open G? Hold an open G chord and repeat the tuning process. Incredibly simple. Or you can barre the 12th fret to tune all your strings up an octave, barre the fifth fret to turn the AT-200 into a baritone guitar, and so on. There are no presets to sort through, or complicated mechanisms - just intuitive, accurate tuning.

The most amazing intonation you've experienced
The real magic of Auto-Tune for Guitar is the Solid-Tune Intonation - it makes precision corrections for each note as you play to compensate for the inherent physical limitations of the guitar fretboard. On most guitars, chords and single notes played an octave apart on the same string aren't perfectly 100% in tune - one will be ever so slightly sharper than the other, and it's most noticeable when you voice chords high up on the fretboard. With the AT-200 and Auto-Tune for Guitar, every note you play will be spot-on, no matter where you play it on the neck - but you can still bend and slide notes like you always have. If you're a studio owner, and you keep an AT-200 around, you'll always have at least one guitar around that's always ready to play and record in perfect tune.

Limitless tonal range, thanks to Antares pickup modeling
Want the sound of a vintage dual-humbucker guitar one minute, but crave spanky single-coil tones the next? The AT-200 lets you use Auto-Tune for Guitar to explore limitless guitar and pickup combinations. Just select your preferred guitar/pickup combo, then switch through the pickup configurations that you'd find on that instrument. And Auto-Tune for Guitar also gives you tonal control over the modeled pickup's frequency response, for even more sound-shaping potential.

Technology aside, it's a great solidbody electric guitar
With a solid basswood body and a pair of custom humbucking pickups, the AT-200 is a solid guitar even without the Auto-Tune for Guitar technology inside. In fact, you can pull up on the AT-200's tone control to disengage the active system and just use the passive pickup tone. You get impressive sustain from the strings-through body, and you'll feel right at home playing on the 25.5" scale neck. 

  • Body Material: Basswood
  • Body Finish: Urethane
  • Color: Black
  • Neck Material: Maple, bolt-on
  • Scale Length: 25.5"
  • Fingerboard Material: Rosewood, 15.75" radius
  • Fingerboard Inlay: Dots
  • Number of Frets: 24
  • Nut Width: 1.69"
  • Bridge/Tailpiece: Fixed
  • Tuners: Chrome tuners
  • Number of Pickups: 2
  • Neck Pickup: Custom humbucker
  • Bridge Pickup: Custom humbucker
  • Controls: 1 x volume, 1 x tone, 3-way selector, Auto-Tune on/off toggle via tone knob
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 03016160
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